I have booked a plot in Bangalore Yelahanka area through Maxworth Realty Bangalore Pvt Ltd by paying Rs.2 lakh in cash and that was in August 2010. Now it is almost 2 years and they have not registered my plot in my name.

At the time of booking I was told that the land registration will be done within 3 months. When I called them up now, they keep telling me that they will give me a call and tell me a time to register my plot. But they never call and I am the only person who always has to call them up.

But even when I call them up so frequently, they never give me an exact date for my registration. Now I feel that they are trying to scam me. They seem to be a fraud company and I am really worried if I could lose my Rs 2 lakh.

Please advise what I should do.