I booked two 30×40 plots from the Maxworth Realty India Ltd Bangalore in June 2010 and at the time of booking, they told me that the plots will be registered in my name within 3 months. It has been almost one year now and the plots are not yet registered in my name.

Upon my followup, they actually gave me a date for plot registration in the month of February 2011. But when I went there, there was some problem and they postponed the registration date indefinitely and told me that they will give me another registration date as soon as possible. The registration was suppose to happen at Sub Registrar’s Office in Devanahalli. There were also some other people whose registration were postponed like mine.

Now, it has been more than 3 months from that day and I have not got any correspondence from them regarding the new registration date. When I called them up last week, they told me that they are arranging a new date for me and told me that they will give me call within 3 days. But I am not getting any call from them.

I am writing this here because I want to know if anyone has registered any plot from the Max worth Realty India Ltd. Please provide some details so that I can assured that I will get my plots registered in my name, although late.